04/27/2023 Our research paper titled “Fed-CBS: A Heterogeneity-Aware Client Sampling Mechanism for Federated Learning via Class-Imbalance Reduction” has been accepted for presentation at ICML 2023.
04/25/2023 I am beyond thrilled to share that I have been selected as one of the two recipients for the ECE Department Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award for the academic year 22-23 at Duke University!
03/15/2023 Our paper “AutoFed: Heterogeneity-Aware Federated Multimodal Learning for Robust Autonomous Driving” has been accepted by MobiCom 2023!
10/10/2022 Our paper “FedSEA: A Semi-Asynchronous Federated Learning Framework for Extremely Heterogeneous Devices” has been accepted by SenSys 2022!
10/01/2022 Our paper “GraphFL: A Federated Learning Framework for Semi-Supervised Node Classification on Graphs” has been accepted by ICDM 2022!